Saayam means Help in Telugu language. Equivalent words are Sahaay in Sanskrit/Hindi, Bangzhu in Chinese and Ayuda in Spanish.

Assistance to others who are facing problems in their life is the help one can provide. The idea of this assistance has led us to put together a system that can reach many individuals and families, who can find the assistance that could help overcome their problem.

Saayam is a software platform that brings requestors of help, volunteers, volunteer organizations and donors together. Please go through the details here.

A requestor requests for help (similar to requesting for a car), this request will be matched to a few available volunteers based on their profile(similar to available nearest car drivers), one volunteer will be picked to help this requestor (similar to one chosen car) and finally this volunteer approaches the requestor(car arrives at the location where we are). Then onwards, this volunteer works with the requestor (car is giving you the ride) and sees that this request is fulfilled (car will take you to your destination) by working with fellow local volunteers or volunteer organizations. Our success depends on number of volunteers and number of volunteer organizations that we can contact/make use of.

Please join hands and experience the happiness of assisting. Please fill this form for providing your details.

This nonprofit organization is based on two very simple mottos – Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva (Service to mankind is Service to God) and Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu (May all live happily). Anybody from anywhere in the world can make a request for help on any type of social media/communication device. This would be a purely volunteer based organization. Each request will be matched to a local volunteer so that this volunteer can provide help to this requestor by taking advantage of any local charity organizations or local help. Think of it like an international Lyft/Uber service or an international 911 service. Only requests related to food, clothes, housing, education, healthcare or any general advice would be honored. This charity is beyond any god, religion, country or politics. At the same time, we respect all your beliefs and we do NOT desecrate any god, religion or politics. This charity will be the mother of all charities by linking them or collaborating with them, but it does NOT compete with any other charity. Only expenses will be reimbursed. No payments/salaries to any volunteers or charity organizing/management members. This will be a multi-cloud, event based, micro services, web/mobile app, Generative AI/ML based product with all the latest and the greatest native cloud technologies. Entire development and hosting will be free, remote and based on contributions from experts & volunteers or with the least cost. The income we get from donations, ads or other means will be put back into charity. We will take advantage of all FREE services like WhatsApp, Zoom etc for operations. Let me know if anybody is interested in joining my mission to help humanity. If you are interested, you can be part of this charity org by becoming a member of a WhatsApp group. Feel free to send this post to your friends and to other social media channels. You can connect with me by filling this form or https://www.linkedin.com/in/raobhethanabotla on Linkedin.

Saayam For All is a non profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. All donations to this organization are tax deductible. You can use this PayPal link to donate money.

Keep checking here for the progress of our work!!